The Farm

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Come and meet the animals whilst you're staying on the farm! We'd be happy to introduce you to our small flock of sheep, and, at the right time of year, you could even feed a cute lamb. You can help collect the eggs from our free-range hens and ducks...and perhaps request that egg for breakfast the next morning. 

As well as the animals, we have a large vegetable patch, two greenhouses, fruit cages, and we are busy practising permaculture and trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. Come and have a look at what's going on, we promise not to put you to work! 


In March-April we lamb our small flock of tame sheep.  


Bam & Boo (so named because Rachel was wearing Bamboo socks on the day they arrived) were our first cade (orphan) lambs in 2015. They are now retired from breeding and living a charmed life on the farm!

We have Khaki Campbell and Cherry Valley ducks. Their eggs are a little bigger than a chicken egg and deliciously rich. We recommend them poached! 


Happy ducks in the sun...though they seem to prefer splashing around in the rain. 


Happy free-ranging chickens with Manor Farm Stay in the background.


Happy chickens produce yummy eggs

Bam as a skippy teenager


Wise Boo


Yurtie enjoying the Lincolnshire sunshine. Originally called Gertie but we like yurts and glamping so changed her name. She didn't mind. 


Stanley the horse is always available for a chat over the fence. He loves being groomed and fussed. 

The best time to see the young calves on the farm is January to March. 


From shrubs to vegetables to greenhouses to fruit cages...there's lots to look at and maybe sample! A large polytunnel has since been added. 


History of Manor Farm (Stay)

The Mager family have farmed in this area for three generations and Manor Farm was bought in the 1970s and managed as a dairy farm. In more recent years the farm has been used for rearing beef cattle and parts of the farmyard are still in use today. The farmhouse is one of the oldest buildings in Sutton on Sea and dates back to the 18th century. 

Opening the bed and breakfast and glamping site is our way of breathing new life into the farm and we would like to share this peaceful place with you.