Eco Stuff

Living a low impact lifestyle is extremely important to us and we want to remain true to our principles whilst running the Bed & Breakfast.    We are managing Manor Farm Stay in an environmentally sustainable way and this has been recognised by a Silver Award from Green Tourism. We would like to share our environmental policy with you.

Environmental Policy for Manor Farm Stay

Energy and resources

  • A 4kW solar panel system installed on the farmhouse in 2014 provides the majority of the electricity used in running the bed and breakfast, and also heats the hot water for the domestic part of the premises. We try to run appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher only on sunny days. See current energy production here.
  • We change the towels and bed linen every 7 days, unless a guest requests a more frequent change or leaves the towels in the shower. Guests are informed of this policy by a notice in the bathrooms.
  • We use low energy/LED light bulbs, where possible, and ask that guests switch off the lights when they vacate a room.
  • When replacing electrical items we purchase A rated appliances.
  • All radiators and heaters are fitted with thermostatic temperature controls.
  • We have chosen to install on-demand water heaters and electric showers rather than baths in the en suite bathrooms to reduce water usage.
  • We have replaced the open fire with a woodburner, thus reducing heat loss up the chimney and reducing our reliance on non-renewables.
  • We re-insulated the loft in 2015.
  • We have installed thermal lined curtains in most rooms.
  • When the double glazed windows require replacement we are installing more energy efficient glazing.
  • We capture large quantities of rainwater for watering the gardens (plus washing the cars, washing the dog, etc).
  • We line-dry laundry and only tumble dry towels if required.
  • We only wash full loads of laundry.
  • We only run the dishwasher when it is full and we always use the Eco programme.
  • We can provide details of nearby electric car charging points as we are unable to offer this facility on site. 


  • All of the bathroom products provided for the guests are environmentally friendly, as are the majority of the cleaning products used.
  • We aim to use as many home-grown or locally sourced ingredients as possible for providing breakfast to our guests. This fits with our personal aim to become largely self-sufficient from our extensive vegetable garden, along with our free-range ducks and chickens. We preserve a large proportion of our seasonal crops.
  • We source all the meat from our local Bennetts Butchers where they make their own Lincolnshire sausages.
  • We make our own bread, marmalade, some jams, cakes and biscuits.
  • The beds and bedside tables have been hand-crafted on site.
  • The mattresses are made in the UK.
  • We bulk-buy wherever possible to reduce packaging and journeys.

Recycling & Waste

  • We recycle all our plastics, cardboard, tins, aluminium foil, bottles, newspapers and old fabrics. We provide guests with recycling facilities.
  • We have recycled/up-cycled materials and furniture during the refurbishment of the farmhouse…this means that not everything is perfect but it is characterful!
  • We compost all organic material for use in the gardens and have a range of compost bays in various states of decomposition. These are best viewed from the landing.
  • We provide paper sanitary bags for guests to encourage them not to flush unsuitable items down the toilet (sanitary products, wet wipes etc).


  • We do not use pesticides on our produce but do have to use slug pellets in small quantities to protect our precious crops.
  • If guests are interested in gardening, permaculture or green living, then we are happy to show them the vegetable garden and talk about our way of life.

Low impact location

  • The location of Manor Farm Stay and ample car parking means that guests can easily walk to the beach, shops and restaurants of Sutton-on-Sea so reducing car usage.
  • We have planted over 2000 trees and hedgerow plants since January 2015 and are working hard to improve the landscape for wildlife and for our guests.
  • The tranquility of this rural location lends itself to low impact activities such as bird watching and star gazing.
  • We offer a discount to guests hiking or biking through Sutton on sea. 
  • We can recommend walking/running/cycling routes to our guests.
  • We promote local activities and attractions to our guests.